The ki-che´ (kee-chay) Indians are one of the 23 Mayan Indian groups of Guatemala, which, together with the Mayans of Mexico and Honduras, make up what has become collectively known as the Mayas.

The ki-che´ are best known for their "historical mythology"- Pop Wuj book of time. In this book SAKRIBAL is designated "as the place where the dawn broke". It was located in the department of Quiche´, one of the 22 departments of Guatemala.

This name is very important to us and our philosophy as a Spanish language school. The dawn has always been a symbol of hope and holds the potential for positive change. As a developing country with a history of conflict Guatemala has a great need of both. It is our hope that in a spirit of cooperation, education and community, SAKRIBAL can add to the positive development of Guatemala.

Our school was founded shortly before the signing of the peace accords which themselves signaled a new dawn for Guatemala. It has traditionally been very difficult for women in Guatemala to have control of their own destiny - SAKRIBAL was the first school in Xela to be created and directed by a woman. To help other women realize this dream is a core part of our philosophy. Women in Guatemala are at the center of family like, by paying your homestay fee directly to the women of each household we hope that they will be able to use the money to make positive change for their family and gain some independence in their own right.

We also have a scholarship program which funds education for young girls who otherwise would have no opportunity to study.

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