All SAKRIBAL families are carefully selected to ensure they meet our and therefore your requirements.

Before being invited to join our program all families are visited by the director to ensure these standards will be met.

Staying with a family provides the perfect complement to a day of instruction, as you can practice what you have learned with people who are ready to help you improve.

Family stays include three meals per day and a private room. We only place one student with each family to encourage interaction, and strong ties are often formed between families and students.

If you are traveling as a couple or as a family you can be placed with the same family if you wish or we can arrange for each individual to be placed in separate families who live near each other, please specify which you would prefer on your reservation form.

We will not know who your family are until a few days before you arrive, this is because students often stay
longer than initially planned, if you wish to bring gifts for your family bring things that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Traditionally Guatemalan families are large with many extended members - grandparents etc..
Tea, Towels, flags, pens , pencils any thing with the name of your country or state are always received with great interest and are appreciated by all members of the family.

We pay the family (the mother of your family) directly - this is included in your school fee.


Most students choose to stay with a family, however, if you would prefer to stay in a hostel or hotel please let us know and we will suggest a few options for you. The price for this option will depend on the hotel or hostal you choose. Tuition without a family home stay is $145.00 USD.

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